Office's can be a bit stuffy, plants can and do make a difference!


Office plants

Just a taste of the many plants and pots we have available

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Just one months notice of termination to be given by either party

Because we are confident that once you engage Ambience you will have no reason

to want to change we have very easy terms & conditions. Payment - 20th of the month following invoice date.

Hire includes - Weekly watering, feeding, cleaning leaves, pruning and replacement of plants to ensure an exceptional standard at all times.    owner operated, friendly & always discreet,

We are happy to meet your plant requirements at any time. 


First impressions make all the difference. The natural elegance of plants lend an aura of welcome and professionalism.

Any Corporate environment graced with well-chosen, professionally maintained plants will

enhance your Company's image and show you care about your staff and their wellbeing.

Plants release negative ions, making everyone feel good. This in turn helps improve staff morale and productivity.

Plants also significantly reduce indoor pollutants contributing to a cleaner greener office environment.

      Placing a plant within 1m of your desk will instantly give you 100% more job satisfaction

Welcome to Ambience Interior Foliage Design.

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Our elegant planters and beautiful, lush, vibrant plants

will transform your work environment

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To know that the tree is as vital as the sun is a wise understanding indeed.   

Chinese proverb

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